Martin Chiropractic originally hired me to develop a fresh new logo for them. They wanted a stylized variation of the "winged man" emblem used by chiropractors, along with the handwritten initials of the lead doctor, Dr. Ed Martin. 
I began by sketching the "winged man" emblem on paper, before moving to Adobe Illustrator to create a stylized vector icon for them. Then I scanned in Dr. Martin's handwritten initials, before vectorizing them. The colors for this practice are blues and grays, so I chose to leave the primary graphic and wording in dark blue, and the initials in lighter gray. 
The "Giving Back" flyer design was created in Adobe InDesign with a simple, relaxing teal background that worked well with the dark blue wording. I helped the client reduce the copy on the flyer to enhance the readability of the flyer.
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